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Cumulus Media, Latest To Pact With Healthcare Data Guru Swoop, Shows Radio's Pharma Power.

Cumulus Media's Westwood One Audio Active Group has partnered with healthcare data provider Swoop to, with the help of Nielsen Media data, focus on pharma patients' media use to create more efficient ad campaign planning. iHeartMedia announced a similar pact with Swoop earlier this year.

“Not only can you now find the right audience on radio, but pharma marketers can generate quantifiable reach and impact,” Cumulus Media Executive VP, Marketing and Westwood One President Suzanne Grimes, says. Adds Swoop Chief Revenue Officer Scott Rines, “[By] bringing Swoop's precision audiences to Westwood One's AM/FM radio ecosystem of more than 250 million listeners per month, healthcare and life sciences advertisers can apply the same audiences they're activating digitally to network radio, optimizing reach and frequency with target patient populations having a high propensity of engagement, driving better outcomes."

As reported in Westwood One's blog, results of a study using Swoop and Nielsen data, for a pharmaceutical brand looking to understand the over-the-air AM/FM listening profile of psoriatic arthritis sufferers, shows AM/FM reaches more than four in five (83.2%) of these consumers weekly, who listen for an average of eight hours weekly. Within the segment, 77% of time spent listening to AM/FM occurred between Monday and Friday 6am-7pm.

Swoop's psoriatic arthritis segment, nearly 60% of which is comprised of persons 35-64 and skews slightly more female (54%), displays a wide variety of AM/FM format listening, with Spanish, Christian, album rock, sports, classic rock, oldies, news/talk and alternative rock showing a weekly cume of 50% or higher. More importantly, when compared with Nielsen's total U.S. persons 18+ format share, among the formats indexing significantly higher among the psoriatic arthritis sample are urban (+64%), Christian (+37%), sports (+22%) and news/talk (+17%).

“The evidence of AM/FM radio’s marketing effectiveness for pharma is quickly accumulating,” Cumulus Media and Westwood One Audio Active Group Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard says. “As pharmaceutical advertising dollars continue to pour into network radio, this study makes the case for even greater investment in the medium, showcasing AM/FM radio’s significant reach and time spent among a key segment.”

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