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College Football Radio Listeners More Likely To Notice Brands That Advertise, Survey Finds.

The start of the college football season is just a matter of days away and a new survey of fans by Katz Radio Group finds that some of college football's biggest, most engaged, and most valuable fans tune into the action on AM/FM radio.

The survey finds that college football radio listeners are more likely to consider themselves a “big fan” of the sport than the average fan by a 61% to 43% margin. Listeners to college games are also more likely to own team apparel and team paraphernalia such as flags, banners, and drinkware.

Those data points may not be all that surprising given this group of college football aficionados are making the effort to listen to the game on the radio. But the Katz survey also reveals some powerful evidence for why marketers should spend some of their ad budget with radio.

The survey shows that two-thirds (68%) of college football radio listeners notice the brands that advertise during the games. That is a 28% advantage on fans overall. And a majority (52%) said they are willing to use the brands that they hear advertised during a game—which also means they are 49% more likely to consider using brands they hear on-air during play-by-play coverage.

The fast-growing sports-betting ad category also has another reason to take a close look at radio advertising based on the Katz survey. It finds that among the fans that listen to college football on the radio, one in five (24%) said they place bets on the games. That compares to 14% of fans overall.

Compared to a typical college football fan, listeners are more active and engaged with all aspects of the sport and are more likely to invest time and money into their passion, according to Katz. It points out college game broadcast listeners are also more likely to take part in consumer activities than the average fan – including being more likely to go to games and watch games at bars or restaurants.

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