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CNN Is Developing New Series Based On Vox’s Land Of The Giants Tech Podcast.

The Vox Media podcast Land of the Giants is heading for television. The podcast is being adapted as a new series for CNN+, the digital streaming network in development by the cable network. The Recode podcast hosted by Peter Kafka explores how the tech industry giants -- Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google -- have become global powerhouses and changed how the world communicates, shops and lives.

“We are excited to adapt Recode’s popular franchise and bring Land of the Giants to CNN+ to show how big tech and its leaders impact our daily lives on an individual and global level,” said Chad Mumm, SVP and Head of Entertainment for Vox Media Studios in the announcement.

The new television series will debut exclusively on CNN+, which is set to launch in the spring. The five-part documentary series will be titled “Land of the Giants: Titans of Tech” and it will combine rarely seen archival footage and exclusive interviews from experts and tech insiders, with a focus on their iconic founders: Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Reed Hastings, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

“As we expand the CNN Original Series footprint to our new streaming service, we continue to invest in dynamic and thought-provoking programming,” said Amy Entelis, EVP for Talent & Content Development, CNN Worldwide. “We are excited to partner with Vox Media Studios on this captivating deep dive into the key players in Silicon Valley and look forward to sharing with CNN+ subscribers at launch.”

Executive producers for “Land of the Giants: Titans of Tech” are David Rivera, Emily Anderson, Chad Mumm, and Mark W. Olsen for Vox Media Studios; Peter Kafka and Samantha Oltman for Recode by Vox; Nishat Kurwa and Marty Moe for Vox Media Podcast Network; and Amy Entelis and Lyle Gamm for CNN Original Series.

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