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Cadence13 Sets Its Sights On Hollywood With Podcast ‘Movies For The Ears.’

Cadence13 is looking to make a bigger splash in Hollywood, where podcast intellectual property has become a money-maker for creators. The Entercom-owned company has launched C13Features, a division that will create what it calls “movie for the ears” narratives. The unit will produce one-episode narrative feature-length podcasts that run between 90 minutes to two hours that could then be turned into a television show or a feature film.

“The intention is to redefine the movie experience, inviting listeners to plug in their headphones and get lost in a wholly-original podcast movie,” said Cadence13 Chief Content Officer Chris Corcoran.

Each C13Feature will be a fictionalized story with a beginning, a middle and end, all wrapped into one podcast episode – similar to a movie arc, creatively produced and developed for the theater of the mind. C13Features will cast a wide net, with podcasts in the drama, thriller and comedy genres. It also aims to capitalize on a growing interest by big-named actors to star in the audio features. The objective is to bring a new style of storytelling to podcasting, according to the company, while also creating an incubator for a new kind of IP that will attract film and television interest.

Cadence13 will partner with Endeavor Content to develop and produce the features, leveraging the media conglomerate and talent agency’s experience in movie making and television production. “Cadence13 has launched a truly innovative concept by bringing the traditional moviegoing experience to listeners of podcasts,” said Endeavor Content Co-Presidents Graham Taylor and Chris Rice in a statement. “This approach marks an evolution in podcasting, and we are excited for this partnership as we continue to identify ways to support the development of high-quality audio content.”

Corcoran will lead the new studio and also serve as executive producer for all productions and features while leading the new studio, to be helmed by Hollywood writers, directors, actors, and composers. And while each story will be a single episode, Cadence13 says it foresees some creations having multiple seasons.

“As someone who studies and loves the idea of the blockbuster movie experience, from ‘Jaws’ to ‘Jurassic Park,’ combined with our collective love and passion for podcasts, C13Features sets out to capture the imagination in a bold new way for audio,” said Corcoran.

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