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Broadcasters Make Listening Gains In Triton’s June Webcast Rankers.

Radio broadcasters grew their online listening audiences by low single-digit percentages in June, according to the latest primetime rankers from Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics service. Three of the top five and six of the top 10 broadcasters showed increases of 2% to 3% over May listening levels in the primetime Mon-Fri, 6am-8pm daypart.

Once again, iHeartRadio held its perch as the most listened to broadcast radio streamer with a 3% increase to 421,758 Average Active Sessions, Mon-Fri, 6am-8pm, up from 409,053 in May. NPR Member Stations continued as the second most listened to broadcaster streamer with 99,961 Average Active Session, down 3% from 102,682 in May. Entercom’s was third with 79,204, down fractionally from May. Cumulus Streaming Network rose 3% to 68,915, up from 67,229 in May. And Univision rounded out the top five broadcasters on Triton’s June domestic primetime ranker with 27,762 AAS, up 3% from 27,049 in May.

Beasley Broadcasting Corporate was sixth among broadcasters, rising 2% to 23,760 from 23,314, followed by Hubbard Broadcasting which improved 2% to 19,720 from 19,419 in the previous month. Then it was Salem Communications with 16,245 up 2% from 15,971. EMF Corporate was next with 15,720, down 11% from 17,712. New York Public Radio rounded out the top 10 broadcasters with 13,815, down fractionally from 13,735.

Pureplay streamer Pandora again dominated the chart with 2.2 million AAS, up fractionally from May. Pureplay AccuRadio grew 8% to 13,391 from 12,406.

iHeartMedia Network, which includes all of iHeartMedia-owned streams and the streams related to network affiliations, is the sole Sales Network appearing in the June Webcast Ranker, with 1.7 million AAS, up 3% from 1.4 million in May.

Download the new rankers HERE.

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