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Broadcasters Gain Ground In August 2020 Webcast Metrics.

The nation’s top radio broadcasters posted year-over-year increases in online listening according to the August 2020 primetime rankers from Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics service. Inside the top ten, the gains ranged from the mid-single digits to the mid-to-upper teens.

Once again, iHeartRadio held its perch as the most listened to broadcast radio streamer with a 6% year-over-year increase to 427,567 Average Active Sessions, Mon-Fri, 6am-8pm, in August 2020 from 403,125 in August 2019. In second place, NPR Member Stations posted a 17% year-over-year uptick to 99,328 Average Active Sessions in August 2020 from 84,566 in August 29019. Entercom’s is third, growing 7% to 79,889 AAS from 74,355 in the year-ago period. Cumulus Streaming Network is steady in fourth place among broadcasters, with a 6% YOY increase to 70,472 AAS from 66,619. Univision remains in fifth with 30,167 AAS, up 13% from 26,641 one year earlier.

Rounding out the top 10 broadcast streamers are Beasley Broadcasting in sixth place, with a fractional dip to 24,031 AAS from 24,995. Hubbard Broadcasting advances from eighth in August 2019 to seventh in August 2020, with a minimal decline to 19,020 AAS from 19,460. It trades places with EMF Corporate, which falls11% to 17,552 AAS from 19,720, followed by Salem Communications, off slightly to 15,230 from 15,882. New York Public radio is tenth among broadcasters with a 13% YOY increase to 13,346 from 11,906. That’s up from 12th place in August 2019.

Pureplay streamer Pandora again dominated the chart with 2.1 million AAS, down 9% YOY from 2.3 million. iHeartMedia Network, which includes all of iHeartMedia-owned streams and the streams related to network affiliations, is the sole Sales Network appearing in the August 2020 Webcast Ranker, with 1.18 million AAS, up 6% from 1.11 million in August 2019.

Download the latest rankers HERE.

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