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Ascend Brand Lift Study Service Launched By Coleman Insights.

Coleman Insights debuts a new service designed to track and prove the effectiveness of podcast, radio, and streaming audio advertising campaigns. Branded as Ascend Brand Lift Study, the service can be customized for each client and can measure brand awareness, brand favorability, purchase intent, message association, and trust.

Clients of the research firm will have two methodological options when conducting Ascend studies, depending on the goals of a given ad campaign. An analog methodology is based on survey research conducted with consumers meeting specific criteria; a digital methodology employs pixel-based technology that matches ad exposure to each respondent. Additionally, the studies offer the option for clients to test spots for favorability and message retention so that advertisers can assess the performance of their creative.

The firm says the launch of Ascend follows more than a year of custom research for clients seeking to demonstrate the brand lift advertisers achieve through effective radio, podcasting, and streaming campaigns.

“We are big believers in the effectiveness of audio advertising when it is executed correctly,” Coleman Insights President Warren Kurtzman said in a release. “With Ascend, we provide deep insights to our clients that will help improve the effectiveness of audio advertising campaigns.”

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