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Angela Yee To House Formerly Incarcerated Women In Detroit Property She’s Buying.

Premiere Networks-syndicated midday host Angela Yee expands her real estate footprint in Detroit with the purchase of a 30-unit building, in which she will set aside 10 units to house formerly incarcerated women.

"We're providing housing for people who really need it," Yee told CBS Detroit. "It's a real struggle for people once they get incarcerated to find adequate housing."

Yee, who also owns properties and businesses in her native New York, partnered with Dr. Topeka K. Sam, who started Ladies of Hope Ministries, a group that helps formerly incarcerated women, for her latest venture. Sam herself is a former inmate and through her organization helps provide housing in several states. "What's so exciting about this project is that we're getting people a true fresh start and opportunity," she said.

Yee also owns a hair store in the inner-ring Detroit suburb of Hazel Park and has rehabbed a home in the Boston Edison neighborhood, CBS Detroit reports.

For this project, a great deal of satisfaction comes from helping those who need it most.

"I feel like the best and most satisfying thing is when somebody is like, you changed my life," Yee said. "For me, if I can be successful the way that I have and make the money that I've made, there is no reason for me to do that on my own and not do anything that's not going to help the next person."

The building project is scheduled to be completed by May 2024.

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