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Nielsen-Edison Report: Podcasts Had 20% Of Ad-Supported Audio Listening Time In Q1.

For Americans 18 and older, one of every five minutes spent consuming ad-supported audio is from a podcast. That rate is even higher among younger listeners. Nielsen and Edison Research have partnered for the new quarterly report called “The Record,” which focuses on audience consumption trends. It shows that among 18- to 34-year-olds, podcasting accounted for 37% of their total listening time to ad-supported audio during the first quarter. The report says in the breakout most used by ad buyers — 25- to 54-year-olds — a quarter of audio listening time goes to podcasts.

Broadcast radio still gets a majority of overall audio listening time, accounting for two-thirds of audio consumption time among Americans 18 and older. But Nielsen and Edison say that among 18- to 34-year-olds, radio’s lead on podcasts is not all that big. While 37% of listening time goes to podcasts, young adults spend 45% of their time with AM/FM radio.

In addition to podcasts, Nielsen and Edison say ad-support streaming audio accounted for 10% of listening time to ad-supported media. That is slightly higher (15%) for 18- to 34-year-olds, who may be more likely to use a subscription-based service rather than listen to ad-supported streaming audio.

The Q1 format shares show notable differences between all radio listening and AM/FM station streaming. Generally, spoken-word formats such as news/talk and sports take a much larger bite of streaming station activity, with share doubling or nearly tripling in some instances.

“It’s exciting to evolve our insights based on how audio consumer habits are shifting and changing, and ‘The Record’ is a big step forward because of its focus on ad-supported audio,” Nielsen Audience Insights VP Jon Miller said. “That’s the part that counts. And as we look towards the future of measurement, parsing out ad effectiveness is going to be even more important.”

The quarterly report relies on data from Edison Research’s Share of Ear research and is part of an expanded partnership between Edison and Nielsen.

“The audio portion of consumers’ daily media diet is significant, and these new insights will serve as an important tool for advertisers, broadcasters and podcasters alike to better understand and ultimately reach their intended audience.”

See the debut The Record report HERE.

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