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Adelphic and AdsWizz Align In Another Boost For Programmatic Audio Ad Sales.

The advertising world is warming to the idea of programmatic buying and selling for audio, but the infrastructure to allow it to happen is still being built. That is what is on display in a joint announcement from AdsWizz and Adelphic. Adelphic is a demand-side platform that works with big advertisers like McDonalds, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon and Land Rover. It has just struck a deal that will align it with AdsWizz, the sell-side platform that offers up digital audio and podcast ad inventory for companies including iHeartMedia, PodcastOne, TuneIn, Acast and its parent company Pandora, among others. Adelphic says the alignment has given its clients access to 90% of the available streaming audio and podcast programmatic inventory.

"With programmatic audio advertising increasing every year, it's important to give our publishers access to incremental demand by diversifying the sources of programmatic demand platforms we are connected to," said AdsWizz CEO Alexis van de Wyer in a statement.

It is getting harder to ignore digital audio. Alex Perrin, VP of Programmatic Strategy at Adelphic, noted in the announcement that by 2024, digital audio listeners are predicted to surpass 222 million, a five percent increase from 2020.

“As podcasts and digital audio become one of the fastest-growing mediums, programmatic audio must be part of a campaign's overall omnichannel strategy," said Perrin. "With access to audio inventory that is non-skippable, brand-safe and not impacted by ad blockers, Adelphic can measure the impact of programmatic audio as part of the larger digital buy and reach targeted audiences in a more relevant and engaging way.”

Adelphic has previously integrated with another big programmatic digital audio platform, Magnite – the former Rubicon Project. The company also works directly with audio players such as Triton Digital, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, and SoundCloud. In a pitch to clients, Adelphic has positioned digital audio as not only something that is “on the rise” but also more effective. “As audio demonstrates a 24% lift in ad recall compared to display, now is the time to make programmatic audio part of your omnichannel media plan,” its pitch says.

Growing interest among advertisers is a big reason why several podcast companies said at last week’s Voxnest Podcast Advertising Summit that the industry is becoming less resistant to programmatic sales. In the past it has been seen as a “race to the bottom” on pricing, but executives said that’s changing as publishers see it as a way to bring advertising revenue to shows that may not have gotten a second look from an ad buyer in the past.

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