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Actress Hannah Monson Joins Cast Of Young Adult Fiction Studio Wonkybot’s Latest Project.

The podcast studio Wonkybot has signed actress Hannah Monson, best known for her role in Netflix’s “Glitch,” to star in its new sci-fi scripted podcast series called Historynauts. It is set within creator and director Stewart St John's growing Tremendous Universe content vertical, the series targets young adults

“I love coming up with big, high-concept ideas that allow us to create huge worlds and cinematic audioscapes that push the boundaries of what’s being produced in the podcast space," said St John, whose twenty-episode teen thriller Origins Unknown gained a cult following of tween and teens when it premiered, and went on to win the 2021 Webby Award Honoree for Best Kids and Family Podcast.

The podcast storyline revolves around five friends recruited to become time travelers — aka ‘historynauts’ — in order to save the world from a mysterious alien race attacking Earth's timelines, starting with a threat against Gustave Eiffel’s life in 1886 Paris, France.

“I’m excited to once again introduce listeners to a brand new ensemble of characters in a series that entertains with its compelling story, cinematic sound design, original theme song and score --- and a little bit of history,” said St. John.

Actress Mackenzie Harms leads the cast of young adults. Also joining the voice cast for the pilot episode are Josiah Mustaleski, Max Harper, Ethan Turbyfill, Campbell Ella, Maddie Rowe, Sandra Nowell and Stewart St John. And Monson has been cast as S’Vandra, the mysterious alien from a distant galaxy who guides the teens on time traveling missions to save humanity.

“We’re beyond thrilled to welcome Hannah to the show,” said Michael Plahuta, who also heads Wonkybot Cinematic Audio. "She’s an exceptional talent who brings just the right mix of emotion, charm and subtlety to a very complex character. The entire team is so excited to have her on board.”

Historynauts is the first of several pilots being produced under Wonkybot’s Pilot Showcase banner that will drop first episodes of series to build audience awareness before releasing the full eight-episode season.

“We’ve discovered over time that this is a way to let the show breathe and catch on,” said cofounder Todd Fisher. “It’s a smart way to build audience awareness.”

St John and Plahuta scored the episode and wrote the original theme song for Historynauts. They also serve as executive producers of the series, alongside fellow Wonkybot co-founder Todd Fisher.

Wonkybot Entertainment was founded in 2015 by St John, a veteran kids and family television writer and producer, and partners Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta, In the years since, Wonkybot has been building a library of original IP with an audio-first strategy since the debut of its wildly successful flagship podcast series Tara Tremendous. It has had millions of downloads since its premiere, along with winning several awards.

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