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A Focus On Impressions In Latest ‘Power of Broadcast in Colorado’ Study.

The power of impressions and impressions-based media measurement was a top focus of the 2022 “Power of Broadcast in Colorado” study unfurled Wednesday by the Colorado Broadcasters Association. The eighth annual study, presented by Nielsen VP of Cross Platform Insights Tony Hereau, helped educate Rocky Mountain radio and TV broadcasters on the shift from transacting on ratings points to impressions, the currency long used by digital media.

As broadcast radio and television continue to embrace digital, the thinking from CBA is that it makes sense to use this common metric to evaluate both media. “Increased detail and easier market comparisons come as benefits of impression-based buying,” the association said in a press release. “With broadcast consumption on multiple platforms, the ability to capture audience measurement, no matter where the content is being consumed, provides an advantage to our industry as a whole.”

CBA is the latest state association to work with Nielsen to help salespeople understand how impressions are different from ratings and how to make the conversion, while also preserving radio’s value in the transition. The Southern California Broadcasters Association staged a pair of webinars on the topic last fall.

The 2022 Nielsen “Power of Broadcast in Colorado” study, available to CBA members only, was also designed to help broadcasters clear up misconceptions surrounding the broadcast industry.

Key takeaways included:

  • Broadcast maintains a higher level of trust over digital, social and other media.

  • Nearly one-million Coloradans are not using social media. Broadcast is the only medium that reaches almost all Coloradans.

  • Colorado Millennials are the largest group of radio users and TV reaches more Coloradans in a day than YouTube or Netflix reach in a month.

"Using the Nielsen data should make our broadcaster’s lives a little simpler in this complex time,” said Colorado Broadcasters Association President and CEO Justin Sasso. “With more people working from home and natural disasters like the Marshall Fire, this information will also help us convince local government that Coloradans rely on broadcast. Government agencies that choose only to use social media to update their communities are setting a dangerous precedent that will eventually cost someone their life. I look forward to sharing this information and I know our broadcasters will use it for good too.”

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