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ZipRecruiter Zips To No. 1 Radio Advertiser For First Time.

For much of the summer ZipRecruiter has been radio’s third largest advertiser. Now the online employment service has made its way to the top spot on the Media Monitors weekly spot count tally for the first time. Airing 51,727 spots, up from 45,060 the week before, ZipRecruiter moves 3-1.

Kelley Blue Book, meanwhile, lands in the top 10 for the first time, airing 25,811 spots to rank ninth. The guide to help buyers research, price and shop for cars sat out the first quarter before returning to the top 100 radio advertisers in early April. It has become a more regular account since then and this marks its debut in the top 10.

Signaling the return of cold and flu season, not to mention another wave of COVID-19, the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention ran 27,730 spots last week. This marks only the eighth week this year the CDC has placed in the top 100 and its first time in the top 10 since last November. Procter & Gamble’s cold relief product Vicks, another sign of the cold season, holds steady at No. 4 with 44,229 spots.

McDonald’s is back on top of the fast food wars with 24,549 airings, to rank at No. 11, eclipsing rival Wendy’s which pulled back to 17,890 occurrences and now sits at No. 24. Wendy’s cranked up its radio weight into overdrive this summer, even blowing past The Golden Arches for a while. Elsewhere in the Fast Casual-Quick Service Restaurants category, Taco Bell is No. 22, Chick-Fil-A is No. 66, and Dunkin is No. 90.

For the week of Sept. 11-17, 2023, the top ten on the Media Monitors tally includes ZipRecruiter at 1, Babbel at 2, Bank of America at 3, Vicks at 4, Discover at 5, “The Murder Years” podcast at 6, Grainger at 7, the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention at 8, Kelley Blue Book at 9 and Upside at 10.

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