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With Her Move To TV, Gia Peppers Adds More To 'More Than That.'

“More Than That With Gia Peppers,” which began as an Urban One-syndicated radio program and podcast, has expanded to video.

The award-winning journalist's issues-based show, which has generated $12 million in advertising on more than 100 Black-owned radio stations since its debut in 2021, begins a four-episode limited run on the Revolt cable network this week. Like the radio show and podcast, the TV version of “More Than That” is a production of ad and media agency Dentsu International in partnership with Urban One. Supermarket chain Kroger has been announced as one of the program's advertisers.

“We're taking our sonic journey from radio to TV, raising awareness about the issues that impact our communities to create solutions for the future,” Peppers says in her promotional video for “More Than That.” “We know Black communities are vibrant and powerful, but we're still facing tremendous challenges that affect how we live our daily lives.”

While the video version of “More Than That” will continue to spotlight issues central to Black Americans and diverse communities, it will also send Peppers across the U.S. and to those communities, in cities such as Atlanta and Washington, DC. Among the guests for the initial episodes are Angel Gregorio, CEO, Owner of BLK + Forth and The Spice Suite; Devi Brown, CEO, Owner of Devi Brown Well-being; Jamila Norman, Owner, Patchwork City Farms; and Amaris Jones, Chef + Owner, Chick’N Jones.

“Each episode features a different topic that is very, very real in our community,” Peppers tells Variety. “We were really struggling during COVID. We could not be together. Now, instead of talking about Black farming and Black farmers, we are able to go on Black farms. The conversations aren’t drastically different, but they are expanded and there’s more in real life to share.”

As Peppers says in her promotional video, the video version of “More Than That” focuses on “talking to people in our communities, facing the issues that matter, and illuminating the voices that lead our culture. From funding HBCUs to eliminating food insecurity, and everything in between, we're highlighting solutions to move us into the future, and unpacking the issues with the changemakers.”

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