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With Football Season In Full Swing, Sportsbooks Bet On Radio.

Summer’s history, fall is here (at least unofficially) and that has shifted sports fans’ attentions to football. In a growing number of states, that also means placing online bets on NFL and college gridiron match-ups. Sportsbooks allocate the majority of their ad dollars in the fall which is why this week’s list of radio’s 100 biggest advertisers includes three sports betting brands. DraftKings is out front – way out front with 28,945 spot occurrences to rank No. 9.

Not only is that up from No. 34 the week before and No. 65 two weeks ago, but it is also the highest rank and most total spots run in a single week for the sports book since it began using radio in 2015. Apart from football season Draft Kings is a sporadic radio user.

It is joined in the online gambling category by rival FanDuel, which also keeps its radio powder dry for football season. FanDuel ran 11,268 AM/FM spots in the week leading up to the first Sunday of the regular NFL season to rank No. 52. Caesars Sportsbook followed at No. 86 with 6,766 spots.

Meanwhile, Kohl’s is leveraging AM/FM to spur consumers into its stores for its “Inflation Bursting Sale.” That added up to 33,094 spots to propel Kohl’s to No. 8 from No. 17 the week before. That makes Kohl’s the sole entry in the top 100 within the Department Store category – radio regular Macy’s is a no-show.

Half of the paid advertisers within the latest top 10 are accounts that conduct most of their business online. Employment service Indeed rises 9-3. Upside, the mobile app that allows users to save on gas and grocery purchases, moves 8-4. Online privacy service DuckDuckGo jumps 20-5 and employment service ZipRecruiter zips 11-6.

Also plowing into the top 10 is Computer Software & Hardware provider Dell with 28,399 spots to advance14-10.

Procter & Gamble, radio’s largest parent company advertiser in the first six months of 2022, places 11 different brands in the week’s top 100, including two in the top 25: Swiffer at No. 12 with 26,977 spot occurrences and Vicks at No. 16 with 23,589. The others are Bounty (No. 33), Mr. Clean (No. 49), Crest (No. 55), ZzzQuil (No. 56), Charmin (No. 69), Zevo (No. 77), Tide (No. 85), P&G VOOST (No 90) and Febreze (No. 94).

For the week of Sept. 5-11, 2022, the top ten on the Media Monitors tally are iHeartRadio at 1, iHeart Music Festival at 2, Indeed at 3, Upside at 4, DuckDuckGo at 5, ZipRecruiter at 6, Wendy’s at 7, Kohl’s at 8, DraftKings at 9 and Dell at 10.

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