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Wireless, Pharma Among Top Categories In Latest Weekly Spot Tally.

The wireless wars have two carriers going head-to-head among radio’s top ten advertisers for the week of Oct. 16-22. Boost Infinite, the Dish Wireless-owned mobile provider, placed 31,089 spots to move 11-9. Boost Infinite has scaled the Media Monitors chart in short order, increasing its flight from just 7,440 radio spots during the week of Sept. 11-17 to nearly 50,000 less than a month later, eclipsing Straight Talk and Verizon Wireless. Now Straight Talk is increasing its share of voice on AM/FM radio with 26,088 spot occurrences to move 13-10. Verizon Wireless is further down the list at No. 49 with 11,032 airings.

The biggest mover in the latest top 10 is Pfizer with 38,944 spots to advance 10-4 for its highest showing since December 2022. The pharma giant is working with BioNTech to ensure access to this season’s vaccines. So is pharmaceutical manufacturer Moderna, which ran 19,317 spots to rank No. 20. Two weeks ago the company was radio’s second largest advertiser with 45,888 airings. Radio is one of the multiple media Moderna is using to position itself as a company that merges technology, science, and health together to solve the world’s greatest health challenges. Pfizer and Moderna are among six pharma giants roosting in radio’s top 100 for the most recent tracking week.

Discover Financial Servies returns to the top five with 37,502 spot airings for its Discover credit card. Bank Of America is also back in the top 10 with 32,657 spots, advancing 12-8.

Among the growing Legal Services category, Morgan & Morgan is the leader on radio with 22,350 spots to finish at No. 15. It’s one of four law firms on the latest tally.

For the week of Oct. 16-22, 2023, the top ten on the Media Monitors tally are ZipRecruiter at 1, Vicks at 2, Babbel at 3, Pfizer at 4, Discover at 5, The Home Depot at 6, Upside at 7, Bank of America at 8, Boost Infinite at 9 and Straight Talk at 10.

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