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Wireless Is Top Radio Ad Category In Latest Weekly Spot Count.

Wireless & Internet Service providers and Wireless Carriers were the week’s top ad categories with a dozen paid advertisers in radio’s top 100 for the period of March 7-13, led by Cricket at No. 7 and DuckDuck Go at No. 17. The always dependable insurance category placed six accounts on the new Media Monitors list, including two in the top 10: Progressive at 3 and Liberty Mutual at 10. The Fast Casual-Quick Serve Restaurants vertical had five, topped by McDonald’s, radio’s largest fast-food advertiser, which moved 12-8 with 30,184 spots.

How’s the battle for new customers for sports betting apps playing out on radio? Three online gambling brands are in the latest top 100 national radio advertisers although none are in the top 50. FanDuel ranks highest with 9,087 occurrences to rank No. 69, followed close behind by Caesars Sportsbook at No. 71 with 8,944 airings. The third is BetMGM at No. 100 with 6,455 spots.

After a multi-year absence, Kelley Blue Book returned to the airwaves in the last two weeks of February, airing around 20,000 spots per week to rank in the top 20. The Cox Automotive-owned service took the first week of March off and is back in the latest tally at No. 18 with 21,654 spots. Last week Kelley Blue Book said it had selected iHeartMedia’s Automotive Call Center to power its new Contact Center for Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offers. The new product helps dealers find and acquire used car inventory from private owners that are ready to sell.

With springtime gardening almost here, Lowe’s is back on the air in a big way with 26,681 spots to rank No. 12. Menard’s is No. 87 with 7,594. Rival Home Depot is conspicuously absent from the latest top 100 radio advertisers. Also in the home improvement category, CertaPro Painters sneaks back on the list at No. 99 with 6,498 spots.

As the April 15 tax filing deadline approaches, two tax prep services are marketing their services via AM/FM. Optima Tax Relief at No. 29 is far out front with 17,780 airings and Jackson Hewitt is No. 85 with 7,703. TurboTax, which is top 5 at broadcast and cable TV, is nowhere to be found on radio.

After pulling back for a few weeks, Dell is back in the top 100 with 28,112 spot occurrences, advancing 47-9.

Planet Fitness is promoting its health clubs at radio, at No. 24 for the week with 19,206.

For the week of March 7-13, 2022, the top 10 on the Media Monitors tally are Indeed at 1, iHeartRadio at 2, Progressive at 3, “Inventing Anna The Official Podcast” at 4, ZipRecruiter at 5, Babbel at 6, Cricket at 7, McDonald’s at 8, Dell at 9, and Liberty Mutual Insurance at 10.

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