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Why Buy When You Can Build? HBO Tries Its Own Podcast Test Drive.

HBO is already developing several television series based on podcasts, but its latest move in the audio space suggests it will begin trial ballooning its own story ideas. HBO Max is reportedly launching a new podcast series that will take a comedic approach to Batman. The Hollywood Reporter says several of the cast members are veterans of “Saturday Night Live.”

The podcast’s lead is Dennis McNicholas, a longtime writer on the NBC-TV comedy. He reportedly wrote and directed the podcast which is titled Batman: The Audio Adventures. Other “SNL” vets in the cast include Seth Meyers, Jason Sudeikis, Kenan Thompson, Fred Armisen, Chris Parnell, Bobby Moynihan, Rosario Dawson, and Tim Meadows.

The Hollywood Reporter says HBO Max has enlisted its sister Blue Ribbon Content division to produce the podcast, which will debut later this year. So far there is no talk of reworking the audio series as a television show, but that potential will likely hinge on how well the podcast is received by listeners.

HBO announced last week it would adapt the third season of the podcast Serial into a television series. HBO previously adapted the first season of Serial and in December the network said it was also working to develop the education-focused podcast Nice White Parents into a television series.

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