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When It Comes To College Football Listeners, Brands Need To Know The Score.

Listeners to college football on AM/FM radio are significantly more likely to notice, and more willing to use, brands or services advertised during games, than average college football fans. They're also more apt to be passionately involved in the sport, with a greater likelihood of investing time and money into their fandom.

These are the standout results of research conducted by Katz Radio Group among more than 500 college football fans at the end of last year's regular college football season, an analysis of which is featured in Katz's “Sound Answers” blog.

“College football's most engaged and valuable fans tune into the action on AM/FM radio,” Katz's report says, noting that the college football listening segment of the survey's sample outscored average college football fans not only when it came to calling themselves “big fans,” but backing it up with big fan behavior: tailgating at games, placing bets, and buying team gear. Potential advertisers such as local bars or restaurants, and sellers of team paraphernalia, are therefore likely to benefit by reaching these listeners.

It's no surprise, then, that Katz's survey found that listeners to college football games on AM/FM radio are especially receptive to advertising. Respondents in this category were 31% more likely to notice the brands advertised during games – and 66% more likely to consider using those brands – vs. average college football fans.

“College football is a touchdown for advertisers, connecting brands with loyal and engaged audiences across the country,” Katz's report says. “Brands that advertise during radio broadcasts of games this coming season will certainly be reaching some of the most desirable consumers in college sports.”

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