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What’s On Teen Podcasters’ Minds? A Lot, Shows New York Times’ Winners List.

The New York Times says it received more than 1,300 submissions this year for its third annual Student Podcast Contest. The competition invites teenagers to create an original audio program, five minutes or less, about any topic. This year’s submissions included podcasts about social media, climate change, family, migration, music and race. 

The Times says there was a common thread that ran through a great number of the shows submitted – the ways in which teenagers have been affected by, and are learning from, the coronavirus pandemic. It said in an announcement that some leaned into that reality and interviewed their family members, while others spoke directly to what stay-at-home orders had meant for them. It said one student even reflected on how she had coped with post-traumatic stress disorder since being at home full-time.

The Times selected a total of eight winners, 11 runners-up and 16 honorable mentions, selected from nearly 900 entries in the high school category. It also picked three winners, four runners-up and seven honorable mentions chosen from nearly 450 middle school submissions.

You can listen to all the winners HERE.

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