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What Is The Most Commonly-Used Word On Podcasts? We Now Have An Answer.

Podcasting is a spoken word medium, but what are the words podcasters are using? The team at Preply dug into the transcripts of the 25 most-listened-to podcasts and it reports the most-used word used by podcasters in the U.S. is “states.” It had 521 uses across the podcasts Preply looked at. It is followed by “crazy,” “family,” “world” and “president” – each with more than 400 uses.

“Turns out, whether hosts are talking about popular TV shows or politics, the most common words used across podcasts are quite American,” Preply’s Matt Zajechowski says.

Preply had a hunch that political persuasion may play a role, and the results proved that to be the case. It says liberal podcasters embrace words like “weird,” “different” and “online” while conservative podcasters favor words like “money,” “president” and “inflation.”

Preply also examined up to 100 of the most recent episode transcripts from 15 of the most popular personality-based podcasts, looking at the word choices of hosts like Joe Rogan, Conan O’Brien, and Alex Cooper. Preply says Rogan’s characteristic speech patterns come through with “exactly” and “listen,” while hosts such as Alex Cooper and Logan Paul showed off their more casual and colloquial style by using more slang terms like “dude” and “suck.”

Zajechowski says subject matter is evident in political shows like The Dan Bongino Show and Pod Save America where the most-used words are “states,” “inflation,” “president” and “bill.”

Preply also looked at which podcasts Americans were doing the most Google searches on, and it says Impaulsive with Logan Paul is currently the most-searched podcast in the U.S., leading the list in nine states.

See the state-by-state breakdown of the most searched for podcasts HERE.

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