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What Do Rogan, Limbaugh Have In Common? Fame And Likability, Survey Says.

Joe Rogan may have more downloads in the U.S., but he is not the most popular podcast or radio program in YouGov’s multinational survey of the most popular radio programs and podcasts. YouGov says 44% of those surveyed had a positive opinion of The Joe Rogan Experience during the first quarter, which is two points behind the 46% that have positive opinions of the twice-a-day BBC Global News podcast. NPR’s radio show “Weekend Edition” ranks third with 43% favorability, followed by the TED Talks podcast and “The Rush Limbaugh Show” – both have a 41% favorability. Limbaugh’s show ended in 2021 following the death of the conservative talk icon.

Rogan tops the favorability list among men, with a majority 54% having a positive opinion of the podcaster. The BBC Global News podcast ranks second (51%), followed by the on-demand podcast version of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show (49%).

Among women, Rogan ranks No. 9 with the BBC coming in on top with four in ten saying they have positive feelings about the podcast, followed by “Weekend Edition” and the syndicated radio show and podcast “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” – both of which were seen as favorable by 39% of those surveyed. A third of women have a favorable view of Limbaugh and fellow longtime radio host Howard Stern.

YouGov’s survey finds much bigger differences among age groups. It says Ted Talks are tops among Millennials, with 61% having a favorable view of the show. Rogan ranks second with a 57% favorability score, followed by Harvey, with 55% viewing him favorably. Also of note is Millennials were generally more positive about all personalities and shows across the board.

Gen X has “Weekend Edition” in the lead with a 42% favorability rating, followed by Rogan, who is liked by four in ten. Limbaugh ranks third, with a third of Gen X saying they have a favorable view.

Baby Boomers give Limbaugh his highest scores, with 38% saying they have a favorable view of him. BBC Global News podcast and Maddow’s podcast follow, each with 37% of Boomers saying they like the shows.

YouGov also ranked podcasters and radio shows in terms of popularity, defined by the percentage of people who have heard of their program. Despite being off the air for years, Limbaugh ranked No. 1, with 85% of those surveyed familiar with the show. He was tied with Stern, who remains a key part of SiriusXM’s lineup. In third is the BBC Global News podcast, with 77% of global respondents familiar with the program. Rogan comes in fourth, with 76% saying they have heard of The Joe Rogan Experience. Premiere Radio’s syndicated talker Sean Hannity ranks No. 5, with YouGov saying 76% of the people it surveyed are familiar with his radio show.

See YouGov’s full ranker HERE.

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