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What Day Is The Most Crowded For New Podcast Episodes? Podchaser Crunched The Numbers.

If it seems like on any given weekday your podcast cue gets a little longer, it is not your imagination. While producers in the past had gravitated to Wednesday as the big day to release new episodes, a fresh analysis by Podchaser shows there is increasingly little difference in the amount of new content released throughout the workweek.

It finds that Wednesday and Thursday are tied for the days when the biggest number of new episodes turn up each week – that is when 17.4% of new episodes drop – but that Monday and Tuesday are nearly equal at 17.0% with Fridays not far behind at 16.3%.

The one thing that remains consistent is that weekends are when fewer new episodes are released. Podchaser says its analysis shows 7.8% are released Sundays with Saturday the day of the week least likely to see a new episode make its debut.

The result is each weekday sees about 400,000 new episodes released, with about half that number on weekends. The findings are based on Podchaser’s analysis of the release schedule of the top 50,000 podcasts during the past six months.

Podchaser’s analysis shows there are some variations among podcast genres. For instance, Health & Fitness podcasts are apparently looking to capitalize on people looking to start off a week on the right foot since that genre’s biggest episode drop day is Monday, when 19.3% of new episodes are released.

Monday is also the top day for the Kids & Family (18.8%) and History (17.5%) genres while Thursday is the winner for the Sports (18.4%) genre.

The Religion & Spirituality category has bigger than most release numbers for Sundays, when 12.2% of is episodes are released, but the genre’s biggest release day is Monday (16.7%).

Download the full Podchaser analysis HERE.

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