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Wendy’s Serves Up 53,000 Spots To Rank As Radio’s No. 2 Advertiser.

In the battle for fast food supremacy, Wendy’s is the most aggressive on the airwaves currently. The restaurant chain jumps 8-2 on the spot count chart for the week of July 10-16 for its highest position since Inside Radio began tracking Media Monitors data in 2015. Within one week, Wendy’s nearly doubled its national radio advertising to 52,853 spots, up from 28,064 the week before. A constant among radio advertisers that has traditionally roosted in the top 10, Wendy’s recently became a regular in the top five. It is now comfortably ahead of McDonalds’s at No. 17 within the Fast Casual-Quick Serve Restaurant to category, miles ahead of Taco Bell at No. 19, Starbucks at No. 45, DQ Dairy Queen at No. 56, Chick-fil-A at No. 59, Dunkin at No. 71, and KFC at No. 88.

But Wendy’s is 15,000 occurrences behind Upside, which spends a second consecutive week at No. 1. Another major mover is ZipRecruiter which doubles its weight from 22,103 to 44, 439. That easily places ZipRecruiter ahead of its ubiquitous competitor Indeed, which returns to the top 10 with 28,278 spots ranked ninth after being MIA the week before.

Also racing up the chart is the National Highway Safety Administration with 29,896 safe driving messages, jumping 40-6. While not as many as it aired heading into Memorial Day Weekend, it is the government agency’s highest charting position since the week of Dec. 12-18, 2022.

Colgate Palmolive Co. first began advertising its signature soap brand Irish Spring in mid-June with 18,840 spots. It slowly increased that number to 19,664 to join radio’s top 20 advertisers of the week. The consumer packaged goods giant continues to up the ante, airing 24,290 spots last week to rank No. 14.

For the week of July 10-16, the top ten on the Media Monitors tally are Upside at 1, Wendy’s at 2, ZipRecruiter at 3, Babbel at 43, Macy’s at 5, national Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 6, “Big Sugar” podcast at 7, Swiffer at 8, Indeed at 9 and Grainger at 10.

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