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Violet Benson Sees More Video In Her Future With PodcastOne.

Influencer and podcaster Violet Benson has become part of the PodcastOne roster. The company has signed a deal with Benson to bring her show Too Tired to Be Crazy to the network. The renamed podcast launched last year as Daddy Issues as part of Benson’s Daddy Issues brand. It features Benson and a wide swath of friends, guests and frequent co-hosts in each episode. Benson leads discussions on topics ranging from living and dating in Los Angeles to Millennial life to pop culture news perfectly capturing the zeitgeist of today.

PodcastOne CEO Peter Morris called Morris “brilliant, hilarious and unfiltered” and said now that the company is part of LiveXLive it will help them attract more podcast talent.

“I’m so excited for what the future holds for my podcast,” said Benson. “Aside from helping me rebrand and produce the number one female dating advice podcast out there, I’m also looking forward to partnering up with LiveXLive on some upcoming programming.”

Benson already produces a video podcast, or “vodcast,” that will fit into LiveXLive’s plans to marry its experience in video event programming with on-demand audio. The company said in addition to Too Tired to Be Crazy being added to LiveXLive’s podcast library, Benson will also be featured on its flagship shows, including LiveZone.

Benson shot to internet stardom in 2014 when she created the Instagram account @daddyissues as a daily escape from her job in the finance industry. Benson has grown her brand into a widely recognized online platform with more than four million followers. Benson has also expanded the brand to include an advice column, an online shop and a weekly show for IGTV called “Housewife in Training.”

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