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Veritonic Says It’s ‘Democratizing’ Access To Essential Data For Audio Ad Success.

After confining its Brand Lift attribution product to major ad campaigns, audio analytics and research provider Veritonic is launching a new tier dubbed Brand Lift Pulse. The self-serve solution is intended for clients at every spend level and campaign size.

Veritonic says the product gives brands access to such metrics as awareness, favorability, use, intent, and recall data for audio campaigns of all sizes. Audio companies can now offer data to clients at every spend level that were previously reserved for more established brands spending significant amounts of money.

Scott Simonelli, founder and CEO of Veritonic, says opening up the data tent to campaigns of all sizes will “democratize” access to essential data for audio success. “Brand Lift Pulse not only levels the playing field, but also empowers every player incorporating audio into their marketing strategy,” he said in the announcement. “It ensures that all stakeholders can maintain a keen awareness of market dynamics, equipped with the essential data and metrics necessary for informed decision-making in both current and future audio campaigns.”

Similar to Veritonic’s standard and custom tiers of Brand Lift, Pulse includes demographic segmentation, custom questions, reporting, best practices, and in-platform access to data.

As the audio space has matured, so have the needs of its advertisers, says Veritonic Chief Revenue Officer Korri Kolesa. “Brand Lift Pulse goes beyond the conventional focus on bottom-of-the-funnel metrics, providing comprehensive support for brands seeking a holistic understanding of their impact. Similar to how the advent of attribution transformed the advertiser mix in audio, we are now witnessing brand lift spearhead the next era of confidence in the medium,” Kolsea added.

Earlier this month, Audacy renewed its partnership with Veritonic, allowing the audio giant to provide clients and advertising partners with data and insights to assess the impact and optimize their audio campaigns.

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