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Veritonic Rolls Out AI-Driven Longform Content Analysis Product.

Audio analytics and research platform Veritonic has introduced its Longform Content Analysis Solution, which uses AI algorithms to provide audio and video content creators and distributors with comprehensive performance analytics. 

By streamlining operations and efficiency in data correlation, Veritonic says the offering eliminates the need for manual processes such as transcriptions and ratings matching.

Among the features the company is touting are automated transcriptions, enabling the creation of an expansive and readily accessible content reference library, and data correlation to identify content performance trends, content preferences, and areas for optimization – including program topics, talent/hosts, script points, music choices, and distribution timing.

According to Veritonic's media release, Longform Content Analysis Solution aims to offer both operational efficiency and optimized decision-making, allowing organizations to adapt quickly to market demands and deliver consistently high-quality programming by significantly reducing turnaround times for content analysis. 

“Longform Content Analysis Solution empowers publishers to make data-driven decisions with confidence. From content creation to scheduling and distribution, organizations can optimize every aspect of their operations for maximum impact and audience engagement,” Veritonic's release says.

“We remain committed to providing our clients with the actionable data and insights they need to make informed marketing and business decisions, across all channels” Veritonic CEO and founder Scott Simonelli says. “By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we're empowering media companies to unlock the full potential of their audio and video content and make informed decisions that drive success.”

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