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Veritonic Expands Audio Campaign Performance Capabilities To Include Brand Lift Data.

Advertisers outside the U.S. will have another way to measure how well their audio ads are doing on podcast, radio and streaming audio outlets. Veritonic has added brand lift data to its audio research and analytics platform. The move by the company that may best be known for its ranking of ads with the best sonic branding scores allows Veritonic to offer end-to-end research, data and insights for the audio industry from the campaign’s planning through its post-buy evaluation. The company debuted the brand lift capabilities in the U.S. last fall.

Specifically designed for audio advertising, Veritonic’s user interface includes a wide range of filtering and segmentation parameters that it says simplifies and streamlines the process of setting up a brand lift study. And Veritonic says its brand lift studies, via pixel-based or controlled exposure, can be run for audiences of any size across the spectrum of media options available to marketers.

The resulting data provides brands with the insight into how each audio asset is achieving its goals as it relates to awareness, favorability, intent, and recall. Brands can then use this data to make informed decisions around every element of their audio campaigns, including creative performance and ROI.

Veritonic last year did a pilot project with Katz Digital to show how the metric works. Using a campaign for COVID vaccines placed in a podcast, it was able to measure listeners’ favorable perception and intent to receive a COVID-19 vaccine after hearing the ad. The data showed that among the unvaccinated, the campaign positively shifted favorable perceptions by 170% versus those who did not hear the ad. Study participants exposed to the ad were 25% more likely to receive a vaccine versus those who were not exposed to the commercial. Second-by-second engagement data also revealed specific dialogue that drove spikes in likability and “relevant to me” scores among unvaccinated respondents.

Veritonic’s expansion into podcast attribution comes as the recent acquisition of the podcast attribution company Podsights by Spotify has raised eyebrows among some ad buyers. Jacob Schwartz, Associate Media Director of National Audio Investment at Mediahub, told Digiday that it was “kind of unprecedented” since it means the company evaluating Spotify’s performance is also owned by the streamer. “We have to ask the question: do we want Spotify measuring its own success?” he said. “If I’m Stitcher or Wondery, am I okay having Spotify measure my campaign?”

Spotify has said that to help allay those worries, it plans to keep Podsights independent with its existing management team in place.

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