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U.S. Podcast Market’s Opportunity Attracts Another Euro Import With Arrival Of Ausha.

The French podcast platform Ausha is jumping into the U.S. market. “We are incredibly proud of what we started in France. In four years, we were able to help over 7,000 podcasters be heard,” it says in the announcement. Odile Beniflah, the U.S. tech entrepreneur who formerly led growth strategies with Duolingo and Meetup, has been tapped to lead the American effort.

“We are going to grow the right way: organically and with a healthy foundation," Beniflah said. "This is only the beginning of a very long relationship we plan to have with the American podcast community. There is so much we can learn from each other."

Ausha, whose name is a combination of audio and sharing, works with podcasters to host, distribute, and monetize their shows similar to other hosting companies. But Ausha sees its differentiation in its marketing tools, including what it says is a first of its kind social media manager and newsletter and website integration.

Launched in 2018, Croix-based Ausha has grown its French podcast client list to include major media outlets such as Le Figaro, Libération, L'Équipe,and AFP; plus big brands including LVMH, OVH, Décathlon, and BNP Paribas; as well as indie podcasters.

"We've been successful because we listened to podcasters themselves," says CEO Maxime Piquette. "Podcasters want to spend more time on the content of their podcast, and less time trying to use six or seven different marketing tools to make sure it gets heard. On average, Ausha replaces five tools that podcasters would otherwise have to navigate. That's giving people their time back, and for some, that is also giving them the joy of podcasting back."

The entry into the U.S. market comes a month after Ausha adopted new branding of its product. For its stateside debut, Ausha says it will cut its rates in half for its first 100 customers in the market.

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