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Two-Time Super Bowl Champ Chris Long Launches Production Company and Content Studio.

The media has long proved to be a place for former professional athletes to strike out on a new career path once their gamedays are over. That continues to be true today, with a growing number of players hosting their own podcasts. Former NFL defensive end and two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long is taking it a step further, with the launch of his new media company. Yote House is a full-service production company and content studio that Long says will be dedicated to producing content at the intersection of sports and culture.

Leading that is Yote House’s flagship podcast, Green Light with Chris Long. The show is moving to a new three-times-a-week schedule, and it will also have a new live show as Long, his brother, Kyle Long, and Jeff Fisher serve as co-hosts, along with a roster of regular contributors, including former NFL head coach Jeff Fisher, NFL Insider Diana Russini, and ESPN’s Stanford Steve Coughlin. The live show, which will stream on YouTube and then be made available for on-demand podcast listening, will air each Monday at 10am ET.

“As Green Light has grown, so has our ambition to do more content development, which is why the launch of Yote House Media is a natural next step as we continue to expand,” Long says in a statement.

Since Green Light debuted in 2019, the podcast has had nearly 500,000 monthly downloads during the NFL season and over 21 million lifetime views on YouTube.

“When I retired in 2019, I wanted to keep working, to stay involved in football, to have a voice, but I wanted to do it on my own terms,” Long says. “When I started recording Green Light, success was no sure thing, but it has been thrilling to see the growth of the show over the last few years. Our cast and crew have expanded, we’ve been blessed with incredible guests, and have worked hard at developing dynamic content and connecting with our fanbase.”

As part of the launch of Charlottesville, VA-based Yote House, the company is also announcing a pair of new podcasts. The Fax and the King series launched during the summer. Each week, former NFL players Nate “Dr. Fax” Collins and Beau "The Butter King" Allen discuss viral moments, celebrity news, and whatever else comes up. Next year, Yote House plans to debut a new show called Life After with David. It features disabled veteran advocate David Vobora talking with guests to uncover stories about finding hope, courage, and a new perspective while overcoming life-altering events.

“We’re excited to continue to build on the success of Green Light and expand our offerings by creating more authentic content with athletes and partners,” said Yote House CEO, Scott Reinen. “The media landscape continues to grow and evolve, and we’re committed to fostering a collaborative environment open for business.”

After 11 years in the NFL, Long retired with two Super Bowls – Super Bowl LI with the New England Patriots and Super Bowl LII with the Philadelphia Eagles. He also played for eight seasons with the St. Louis Rams, followed by one season for the New England Patriots (2016) and two seasons for the Philadelphia Eagles (2017-18). In 2017, Long made headlines when he donated his entire season’s salary to charity -- with his weekly game checks to educational initiatives and scholarships in Charlottesville, Boston, Philadelphia and St. Louis. In 2018, he was awarded the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award for his charitable endeavors and social justice work.

In addition to his podcast work, Long recently signed on as an analyst for the CW’s “Inside the NFL.”

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