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Tune In, Then Order In: Podcast Listeners Twice As Likely To Use Food Delivery Services.

As a result of greater at-home listening and app usage, along with other COVID-related lifestyle changes, the proportion of podcast listeners using restaurant or grocery delivery services is now twice – and those using meal kit delivery services nearly two-and-a-half times – that of non-podcast listeners, according to recently released data from Nielsen's Podcast Listening Buying Power study.

The study also finds that half of podcast listening now takes place at home, up from 40% just three years ago. In addition, food delivery among podcast listeners has increased in the past six months, with restaurant delivery up 3.7%, grocery delivery 3% and food kit delivery 1.2%.

“The broadening of the podcast audience combined with the rise in at-home listening speaks to a notable shift from who the typical podcast listener was five years ago, where they listened, and how often,” Nielsen's report says, adding, “The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many parts of our daily collective experience, with notable pattern shifts in the way in which consumers engage with food delivery services.”

Among those using restaurant delivery services, True Crime is the top podcast genre, while for grocery and meal kit delivery service users, it's Kids & Family and TV & Film podcasts respectively.

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