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True Crime Breakout ‘Crime Junkie’ Heads To The Radio Under SiriusXM Deal.

Several podcasters who have inked deals with SiriusXM have said the lure of working with a satellite radio company included the potential to program their own channel. That is what Audiochuck will now do. It will leverage its popular Crime Junkie podcast to create a full-time true crime channel on SiriusXM. Now as Crime Junkie Radio, the channel will premiere with a new series that Audiochuck cofounder Ashley Flowers will host.

The satellite radio channel will draw heavily on the archive of Crime Junkie episodes, which date back to the podcast’s launch in Dec. 2017. It will also feature a selection of other true crime podcasts, such as Audiochuck’s The Deck. There will also be the new radio show called “Crime Junkie AF” in which Flowers will take listeners on a one-of-a-kind experience to explore cases that are unfolding right now in today’s news. New episodes of “Crime Junkie AF” premiere at 8am ET on the last Friday of the month, before re-airing at 11am ET.

Crime Junkie Radio will launch on SiriusXM on April 26. Flowers and the team at Audiochuck will curate its content. It is a similar arrangement that SiriusXM has with Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco, which has programmed Team Coco Radio since 2022.

In October 2021, Audiochuck signed a long-term deal with SiriusXM giving SXM Media exclusive rights to sell the ad inventory. The agreement also gives SiriusXM-owned Stitcher distribution rights for all Audiochuck content. In addition to Crime Junkie, Audiochuck also produces several other podcasts, including Anatomy of a Murder and Park Predators. To date, the Audiochuck portfolio is said to have more than one billion downloads since the first Crime Junkie episode dropped more than five yeas ago.

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