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Top Marketing Challenge In 2022: Integrating Media Planning Across Channels.

Research showing how radio and digital work together or how radio can improve the efficacy of TV campaigns could turn out to be prescient in 2022. When asked which marketing technology innovations will have the biggest impact on their advertising in 2022, the top response from leaders at ad agencies, media companies and tech providers was “improvements in integrated media planning and execution,” cited by 60%.

This is among the findings of a survey of 259 global participants conducted via Techvalidate in November 2021and commissioned by Mediaocean, which manages $200 billion in advertising.

New approaches to cross-platform media planning and measurement are seen as the single biggest opportunity for the advertising industry. Nearly six in ten respondents (57%) cited “measurement improvements centered on non-cookie methods” and 45% cited “converged TV measurement/planning.”

The decline of cookies and other identifiers helps explain the need for better cross-platform media planning and measurement. Another factor is a swerve in consumer behavior that has fractured media impressions across a growing number of apps and platforms.

Other marketing tech innovations cited as having the biggest impact on advertising in 2022 are converged TV measurement/planning (cited by 45%), improved opportunities in emerging channels (38%), contextual targeting improvements (31%), better infrastructure and process for first party data management (28%), and artificial intelligence and machine learning (28%).

In the digital realm, it’s no surprise that advertisers are focused on what replaces cookies and other identifiers which have been the backbone for targeted programmatic advertising for roughly the past decade. In fact, 45% of survey participants cited a “decline in ability to measure campaign effectiveness on tech platforms and open web” and an almost equal number pointed to “poor ability to manage reach and frequency” across connected TV and other digital platforms. The overall thrust of the responses is that “agencies, media providers and tech companies are highly focused on the challenge of identifying users across media environments,” the report says.

“As we turn the page on 2021, the industry’s collective focus has swung decisively toward the challenge posed by audience fragmentation,” Mediaocean says in its 2021 Market Report and 2022 Outlook. “We are not talking only about advertising across digital media properties in the programmatic sphere, but also increasingly to omnichannel environments – linear TV, national TV, CTV, digital out of home, and so on."

While marketers, their agencies, and technology partners are making progress on unified solutions, the report concludes that much of the integration work still lies ahead.

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