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The Stoop Storytelling Series Podcast Joins Baltimore Public Radio Station’s Portfolio.

More than 100 episodes of the Baltimore-based live show and podcast The Stoop Storytelling Series, which features “ordinary” people sharing the extraordinary, true tales of their lives, are now housed on WYPR’s podcasting platform, Your Public Studios. Hosts Jessica Henkin and Laura Wexler founded The Stoop in 2006. Congressman Elijah Cummings, “The Wire” creator David Simon, activist DeRay Mckesson, and Senator Barbara Mikulski have appeared on the podcast.

“We at WYPR work each day to share the stories of our local Baltimore community with our listeners,” Your Public Radio President/CEO LaFontaine E. Oliver said in the announcement. “In bringing The Stoop in-house to Your Public Studios, we will be able to tell even more of those first-person accounts.”

New episodes publish bi-weekly. The Stoop had an average download of 14,000 a month in 2021. To date, the podcast has been downloaded nearly 1.5 million times.

Before their partnership, WYPR (88.1) aired The Stoop stories on Fridays around 9:50am during the “On the Record” radio show. Maureen Harvie, “On the Record” senior producer, also will help produce The Stoop Storytelling Series podcast.

“We're delighted to formalize what has already been a wonderful partnership with Your Public Radio,” Wexler said. “We also encourage Your Public Radio listeners to share their stories on The Stoop stage. After all, our motto is: ‘Everyone has a story. What's yours?’”

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