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The Podcast Live Event Calendar Is Getting More Dates Filled In 2022.

After live tapings were mostly sidelined for the past two years, podcasters are continuing to put events back on their calendar. The team from Saints, Sinners & Serial Killers says they will host a live-taping in Boston on Wednesday (April 20). Led by show hosts Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge, the producers say it will be an “immersive multi-sensory storytelling experience” featuring an ensemble cast who will perform scenes from their bestselling true crime thrillers, including Search for the (Boston) Strangler, Hunting Whitey: The Inside Story of the Capture & Killing of America's Most Wanted Crime Boss, Bad Blood: Freedom & Death in the White Mountains, and James Patterson's The Last Days of John Lennon.

"The Boston theater scene has never experienced a show as intense as this one," said Sherman and Wedge in a joint statement. "We're bringing Whitey Bulger, Albert DeSalvo, and even the great John Lennon to the stage. We're taking the audience on a thrill ride through our deep investigations into some of the most notorious crimes in American history."

The Saints, Sinners Serial Killers Live cast will feature Patty O'Neil (Stronger), David Pridemore (The Finest Hours & The Tender Bar), Alison Wachtler (Chappaquiddick), Mike Southworth (Same Kind of Different as Me), Gary Tanguay (Don't Look Up, Knives Out, I Care A Lot, Bleed for This), Alecia Batson (Moonrise Kingdom), Leah Procito (Spencer Confidential), Michael Maggiani (The Folklorist), Jon M. Merz (The Cars that Made Us), Kevin Lasit (Nash Bridges), Arthur Hiou (Vault), Donny St. John (Patriots Day), Jay Street (The Finest Hours), Lin Hult (Free Guy), Keith Rosary (Wings), Patrick Languzzi (The Families Feud), Paul Kandarian (The Food that Built America), Russ Gannon (Dexter: New Blood), Mihaela Kolich (36 Saints), Christine Mone, Cals Finglas, Steve Lattimer, Dan Williamson, John Lucas, and Frank Capolino. The live performance will be directed by Ian Barrett (Godsmack's, Come Together) and co-produced by Kris Meyer (The Do-Over, SuperTroopers 2 and the Emmy Nominated Luis Tiant documentary, The Lost Son of Havana), Mark Carey (MuddHouse Media), and Mike Gioscia (MuddHouse Media).

"This is a totally unique show. Get a glimpse into our fascination of the unthinkable as Sherman and Wedge share their intimate and authentic journey into life's macabre underworld," said producer Kris Meyer, CEO of MuddHouse Media.

Serial Killers Live is a joint production between Fort Point Media, MuddHouse Media, and Media Boss. Tickets range from $30 and $52 for a VIP meet 'n greet with Sherman and Wedge.

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