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The Dangers Of No Script: F-Word Ad-Lib Leads Babbel To Yank A Buy.

The Cancelled podcast has lost Babbel as one of the podcast’s sponsors after host Tana Mongeau made disparaging comments about a woman who led a wine tour she took during a recent trip to France. During the episode, Mongeau said the wine tour was boring, telling listeners, “I absolutely want her dead.” That may have been chalked up as a bad review, but things escalated and pulled in the advertiser.

The trouble for Babbel came during the language learning company’s host-read ad during which Mongeau said, “With Babbel I could have told Cynthia the wine tour lady to shut the f*** up in her native language.” NBC News reports that led Babel to cancel its ads with the podcast.

Meantime, the wine tour guide – Cynthia Coutu – reported Mongeau’s death threats to the police in Paris, where she lives according to NBC. “I can handle people trashing me, but a death threat is a bridge too far,” she told the network.

Cancelled, which Mongeau hosts with Brooke Schofield, says its mission is to shed new light, not only on its hosts, but on the enigmatic world of “the influencer.” The Studio 71-produced show is said to have about a half million listeners per week.

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