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Tenderfoot TV And Campside Media Partner, In Collaboration With iHeartPodcasts, On Podcasts.

Leading Atlanta-based independent content production company Tenderfoot TV, and award-winning podcast studio Campside Media, have announced a multi-show partnership agreement. Both of the first-announced series sit at the intersection of social justice, true crime, and journalism, focused on stories from Atlanta, Georgia, where both companies have roots.

Leading the slate is the investigative documentary podcast, “Radical,” which tells the story of Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, a Muslim leader who was convicted of shooting two sheriff’s deputies — one fatally —in 2000, outside a mosque in one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods.

The trial for the shootings took place just months after the September 11 attacks — a time of unprecedented anti-Muslim fervor in the United States — and Jamil Al-Amin was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. However, the evidence proved shaky, and the whole truth did not come out in the trial. Al-Amin, in prison to this day, has maintained his innocence.

“Radical” is hosted by Mosi Secret, a former reporter for The New York Times and ProPublica who grew up in Atlanta’s African-American Muslim community.

On the heels of the recently announced Cop City documentary with award-winning production company Ventureland, Tenderfoot TV and Campside Media will release an investigative podcast surrounding Atlanta’s controversial proposed police training facility. The indie podcast will cover the protests, violence, arrests, and accusations of domestic terrorism erupted last year in response to the proposed $90M, 85-acre ‘Cop City,’ which is set to become one of the largest militarized police training centers in the United States. Told in 8 episodes, the narrative will center specifically on the death of Manuel Esteban Paez Terán, a young activist killed by police in January of 2023.

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