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Tax Prep Services Have Radio In Their 2024 Media Mix.

With tax season in full swing, a half dozen accounts in the Accounting, Auditing & Tax Preparation category hit the airwaves last week. Jackson Hewitt held its category-leading position with a second straight week as radio’s eighth largest advertiser, this time airing 30,303 spots.

Grainger was no stranger to the upper tier of radio’s top advertisers for much of last year. In the latest spot count tally from Media Monitors, the industrial manufacturing and supplier company bounces back into top 10 for the first time since the week of Sept. 11-17, 2023. Grainger ran 31,709 spots to parachute onto the list at No. 7, up from 26,035 airings and the No. 14 position two weeks ago.

The other big mover on this week’s spot count tracking is Straight Talk from TracFone Wireless, which hurdles 16-6 with 34,721 spots. That makes it far and away the lead account among four entries in the Wireless Carrier category.

Also returning to the top 10 is CarShield, which inches ahead 11-9.

The insurance category placed seven entries in the top 100, with Progressive advancing 2-1 on the strength of 65,754 spots. That’s more than double the second ranked carrier, Allstate, at No. 11 (28,406 spots). Other insurance advertisers include State Farm (No. 29, 16,660), Select Quote (No. 56, 9,402), Term Provider (No. 62, 8,875), Direct General Corp. (No. 87, 6,479) and Ethos Technologies (No. 96, 5,783). Missing in action this week is GEICO.

Procter & Gamble continues to keep its radio presence high with 16 P&G brands included in the top 100, including four in the top 15.

For the week of Jan. 29- Feb. 4, 2024, the top 10 on the Media Monitors tally are Progressive at 1, Lowe’s at 2, Babbel at 3, Vicks at 4, ZipRecruiter at 5, Straight Talk at 6, Grainger at 7, Jackson Hewitt at 8, CarShield at 9, and Upside at 10.

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