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Synthetic Voice Ads Arrive On AdsWizz, Aiming To Make Audio Ads More Attractive To SMBs.

Artificial intelligence offers the potential to create scores of localized and targeted audio ads, and AdsWizz is taking a step to help make them a reality. It has launched synthetic voice technology to AudioGo, the company’s self-serve platform for small and mid-sized businesses. The tool, which is the first to launch in a suite of offerings that AdsWizz calls AdsWizz’s AI Ad Tools, will initially focus on lowering the barrier for entry into the world of audio advertising for SMBs. 

“As part of our vision to shape the future of audio, we’re excited to thoughtfully explore the ways AI can extend the power of our audio portfolio to new audiences and help us deliver smarter solutions for audio advertisers,” said Chris Record, Senior VP of Ad Product, Technology, and Operations at SiriusXM Media and AdsWizz.

The Synthetic Voice Ads tool is available now in AudioGO’s Ad Creative Suite. SiriusXM says the creative tool will allow brands to select from a variety of artificial voices when creating an ad. With multiple voices to choose from, it says Synthetic Voice Ads allow advertisers to create attention-grabbing, and persuasive voiceovers in seconds. It is also cheaper and quicker to do unlimited retakes or script rewrites and still publish without delay. 

The introduction of AI-generated voices also addresses what AdsWizz says has been a friction point in audio buying, especially for SMBs, who have not had the ability to launch customizable audio ads quickly and easily. Display advertising, by comparison, has long benefited from automated, self-service tools. By removing this barrier to entry, AdsWizz says it will encourage new advertisers into the audio space and give SMBs the opportunity to create and customize compelling, engaging audio campaigns generated by AI. 

 “With the launch of Synthetic Voice Ads on AudioGO, we are beginning to bring a wider diversity of brands into the audio advertising space,” said Record. “We believe we have the ability to support the next generation of entrepreneurs around the world in a unique way, breaking down barriers and allowing advertisers of any size to tap into audio in ways they might not have thought possible.”

AdsWizz is already looking forward. While it currently offers a selection of synthetic voices to select from, more languages and voice options are in the works.

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