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Survey: Americans Eager To Return To Music And Food Festivals.

A locked-down nation is eager to return to live music events and food festivals. According to a new study conducted by FestivalPass and Fluent, 49% of Americans are ready to see live festival-type music performances again and 37% can’t wait to return to sampling the fare at food festivals. It’s promising news for radio stations and groups that produce music festivals and/or serve as promotional partners for existing events.

Gen X and Baby Boomers lead the demos that are eager to return to live music festivals, according to the survey of 5,800 Americans. The youngest and oldest demos are most interested in attending food festivals upon their return.

Once the festival gates open, hip-hop leads the musical genres that respondents are most excited to see with 40% saying so. Country music is next at 30%, followed by rock (15%) and pop (9%).

Gen Xers (32%) and Millennials (29%) miss live events and festivals the most, followed closely by Baby Boomers (24%). Additionally, 43% of Americans are willing to return to any type of live event venue (indoor or outdoor) with Gen Xers leading the way. However, compared to other options, most Americans, especially Gen Z and older generations, would likely return to outdoor venues first​.

“As event organizers continue to get creative with outdoor events, drive-ins, and limited capacity events today and the growing prospect of a vaccine by early 2021, this survey supports the growing pent up demand for community and connection,” Ed Vincent, Founder and CEO of FestivalPass said in a release. “The live event and festival industry will rebound quickly with proper protocols in place to keep attendees safe in 2021.”

FestivalPass is a festival and live events subscription service that provides access to thousands of music, film, food and wine, art, sports, lifestyle and tech and innovation experiences around the globe for one monthly fee. Fluent is a performance marketing company.

Full results of the study can be viewed HERE.

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