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Successful Ad Campaigns Back Up Audacy's Multi-Funnel Audio Approach.

Audacy's latest “State of Audio” report not only champions radio, streaming audio, and podcasts as multi-purpose when it comes to driving advertiser awareness, consideration, and conversion, it also presents case studies showing client success at each stage of the consumer funnel.

“Full-funnel audio—a triple threat of local broadcast radio, podcasts and digital streaming—delivers on every marketing objective. No competing platform can come close,” Audacy Chief Marketing Officer Paul Suchman says in a guest column for AdAge. “Full-funnel audio offers a new pathway; it is effective, measurable, efficient and nimble. And it delivers throughout the consumer buying journey.”

Audacy cites Instagram's “Discovering Our Identity,” aimed at Gen Z's, as an example of a top-of-funnel awareness campaign that hit the mark, using targeted streaming audio, and podcasts where hosts shared their own experiences in finding their identity. “Audacy’s hard-working media helped Instagram break through—driving brand success, forging stronger connections with its target audience, and boosting awareness and affinity for the brand,” its report says.

Radio, podcasts and streaming worked together to maximize reach in a year-long 'kick the tires' mid-funnel campaign for Hyundai's electric vehicles in 2022, resulting in a 7.4-point increase in purchase intent and a 10.4-point rise in favorability among female listeners. “With the help of radio stations nationwide, 29 podcast hosts, and a targeted digital campaign, we introduced Hyundai’s brand position to critical audiences in the market for a new car,” the report says, noting its use of segmenting with key lifestyle groups to drive efficiency. “Brands shine when they don’t just pull one audio lever, but come to the table with a total audio strategy.”

As for lower-funnel-focused advertising meant to drive purchasing, a campaign for New Balance's TWO WXY v3 sneakers on Audacy's Sports Podcast Network, which included producer reads and spots featuring the Chicago Bulls' Zach LaVine, saw a significant jump in online orders, leading to a 342% return on ad spend. “By leaning into Audacy's audio platform, podcasting portfolio and sports talent, we had the opportunity to authentically connect and engage with listeners to drive desirability, consideration and ultimately sales for a new product line,” says Jacqueline Davis, media supervisor at New Balance agency Mediahub.

Suchman agrees that “New Balance’s success is a window into audio’s superpowers. AM/FM radio, podcasts, and streaming audio are proven winners in building awareness, driving purchase consideration, building preferences and creating action. More than any other media, it moves the needle at every step of the game. If brands shift a portion of their media dollars to full-funnel audio, they’ll see measurable results.”

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