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Study: Local Radio Delivers 28% Web Lift For CPG Brand.

More evidence of how radio ad campaigns drive eyeballs to websites for marketers. The latest case study involves a major consumer packaged goods company, which launched a series of local outreach initiatives in 2020 that used radio during the third and fourth quarters to drive awareness and engagement.

Katz Radio Group partnered with attribution provider AnalyticOwl to test the effectiveness of radio in driving web traffic for these efforts in two key markets, while examining the role creative and on-air personalities play in campaign performance.

According to Katz, the study showed radio drove an incremental 28% lift in web traffic to the unnamed CPG's initiative sites over the two 4-week flights. “Radio was a massive driver of awareness and engagement for the programs, as evidenced by the huge amount of web visitation occurring when the radio campaign kicked in,” Katz says in the latest edition of its Sound Answers insights blog.

In the study’s biggest eye-opener, on-air days outperformed off-air days by more than 10,000%. Off-air days included the week prior to the campaigns starting, and weekends, which had no spots running.

On-air personality endorsements did 59% better than the campaign average at delivering web visits per spot airing. The campaign included Spanish language stations in one market, which delivered 29% of all web traffic, and performed 30% better than the overall campaign average at delivering visits per spot airing.

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