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Study: Cross-Format Radio Ads Generate More Web Traffic For Home Improvement Client.

Again and again, when advertisers seek to reach a defined target with the right mix of spots, radio comes through.

That was the situation for an outdoor supply company aiming to increase brand engagement among high-income adult 50+ homeowners, as reported in Katz's “Sound Answers” blog. The company partnered with Katz for a four-week AM/FM campaign across music, news/talk and sports stations, using brand and talent-voiced spots, and features in Major League Baseball games.

“Home improvement brands, as well as other home-related services, have long utilized radio in their media mix, confident that radio delivers their specific homeowner targets,” Katz's report says. “Radio is an ideal platform for a home improvement brand to reach its ideal audience and grow engagement among consumers.”

This proved to be the case with this campaign, according to AnalyticOwl, which showed that the company's website saw 45% more traffic on days when spots ran on radio, as opposed to before the start of the campaign. “It served as proof that the radio campaign was reaching a high caliber audience of homeowners in line with the Company's targeting and messaging,” says Katz's analysis.

Additionally, the campaign drove more than 9,000 web visits to the company's site, resulting in a 4% lift in web traffic due to radio. Together, the spots delivered an average eight visits per spot airing (VPA), above category norms. Most effective were the MLB spots, delivering 11 VPA, while on-air talent-voiced spots from air personalities and MLB announcers drove 57% of web traffic, more than 5,000 of the 9,000 visits.

“[The] mix of music, news/talk, and sports stations successfully reached the outdoor supply company's target audience and impacted traffic to their website,” the report says, as a result of which, “the company continues to use radio in their media mix, confident it works for them.”

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