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Steve Futterman, Steve Dorsey Out In CBS News Radio Cutbacks.

A pair of well-known veteran radio news correspondents were let go Wednesday in cutbacks at CBS News. Steve Futterman, CBS News West Coast Correspondent and a 25-year CBS News vet, was let go by the network. So was Steve Dorsey, CBS News Radio Executive Editor and Correspondent in the Washington Bureau of CBS News.

Futterman, the only CBS News Radio correspondent in Los Angeles, has been with the network since 1998. Prior to that he worked for NBC Radio. He has also done work for NPR, CBC, and BBC. Futterman covered a wide variety of stories including the first Gulf War, the 1989 China protests, the New Zealand earthquake, Presidential elections and the Olympics.

At CBS, Dorsey broke news about American diplomats mysteriously injured in Cuba that triggered U.S. action and Congressional oversight, was injured covering the Baltimore riots following Freddie Gray's death and traveled across the country to report on Campaign 2016 and 2020. In addition to his work for CBS News Radio, Dorsey’s reporting has been seen on “CBS Weekend News,” “CBS Saturday Morning,” and “CBS Newspath.”

It’s not yet known whether the cutbacks were confined to CBS News Radio or if they extend across the larger CBS News organization. A CBS News Radio official did not respond to Inside Radio requests for comment.

CBS News Radio provides news, talk, information, and special events coverage to over 700 stations in the U.S. with affiliates in 24 of the top 25 markets.

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