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Staples Connect Doubles Radio Campaign As STEM Pest Control Lands In Top 10.

To market its Memorial Day deals, Staples Connect doubled its radio spot count to 28,501, putting the rebranded office supplies retailer formerly known as just Staples back in radio’s top 10 advertisers for the week of May 15-21. That’s up from 14,241 spots the week prior as Staples Connect advances in rank from No. 36 to No. 9. It’s the retailer’s highest position on the Media Monitors spot count tally since the week of June 21-27, 2021.

The latest list of radio’s top 100 advertisers also boasts a new entry. As homeowners aim to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away from Memorial Day weekend activities, STEM Pest Control aired 27,716 spots for its bug killers and repellents that use “plant-derived active ingredients formulated in scientifically precise combinations to optimize its effectiveness.” This marks the SC Johnson & Son brand’s first appearance in the top 100, landing with a bang at No. 10. STEM Pest Control operates in a growing industry. The global pest control market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.28% to be valued at $30.64 billion (USD) by 2027, according to Bonafide Research.

With warm weather season here, home improvement giants Home Depot and Lowe’s have increased their radio weight. With Americans planting, mulching, and sprucing up their outdoor living spaces, the Home Depot boosted its weekly radio campaign to 51,956 spots, up from 34,825 one week earlier, advancing 7-3. Ditto for category rival Lowe’s, which upped its radio allocation to 29,542 from 25,710 and moved up from No. 15 to No. 8.

Meanwhile, legal services provider Morgan & Morgan continues to ratchet up the radio component of its multimedia national blitz to land new clients. The law firm is No. 21 on the latest spot tabulation with 16,960 spots.

For the week of May 15-21, 2023, the top ten on the Media Monitors’ spot tally are iHeartRadio at 1, Progressive at 2, The Home Depot at 3, Upside at 4, ZipRecruiter at 5, Babbel at 6, Indeed at 7, Lowe’s at 8, Staples-Staples Connect at 9 and STEM Pest Control at 10.

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