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Springtime Brings Fast Food And Pest Control Advertisers To Radio.

With warm weather slowly returning, fast food restaurants are racking up big spot count numbers, occupying eight positions on the Top 100 for the week of May 2-8. DQ Dairy Queen, which has grown into a major radio user, leads the pack at No. 6 with 40,190 spots, followed by McDonald’s (23-10), which returns to the top 10 with 26,316 airings. Taco Bell is No. 31 (16,267), Chick-fil-A is No. 33 (15,182), Wendy’s lands at No. 68 (9,460), Dunkin’ is No. 74 (8,601), KFC finishes at No. 77 (8,294), and Sonic is No. 94 (6,344).

The return to outdoor living also means dealing with insects, which the Smithsonian Institution estimates outnumber humans 200 million-to-1. Procter & Gamble aired 14,028 ads for its pest control brand Zevo brand, with their line of bug killer sprays and flying insect traps. It is among seven P&G brands on the latest list of top radio advertisers based on spot volume, as tracked by Media Monitors.

Prescription medicines, a growing category for radio, place four brands in the top 100, led by Pfizer’s Ibrance at No. 28 (12,582 plays), AbbVie’s Creon at No. 76 (8,463), AbbVie-Ironwood’s Linzess at No. 97 (6,183) and Wyeth’s Prevnar 20 at No. 100 (6,037).

Nissan is the only Tier One automotive advertiser on the new tally, running 12,212 spots. Dealer associations remain MIA although auto parts regulars are out in force, led by AutoZone, which returns to the top 10 (13-9) with 26,754 spot occurrences and O’Reilly Auto Parts at No. 21 with 19,910.

Meanwhile, the National Association of Broadcasters-produced political ads against the American Music Fairness Act, which would establish a performance royalty for broadcast radio, aired 14,832 times during the seven-day period to rank No. 35.

For the week of May 2-8, 2022, the top ten on the Media Monitors tally are Indeed at 1, iHeartRadio at 2, Progressive at 3, Upside at 4, ZipRecruiter at 5, DQ Dairy Queen at 6, Straight Talk at 7, Babbel at 8, AutoZone at 9 and McDonald’s at 10.

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