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Spreaker, Professional-Style Podcast Platform, Is Now Free.

Podcast creators can now use Spreaker, a multi-faceted platform and leading podcast ad technology, free of charge.

“As more and more content platforms require subscription fees, I firmly believe that podcasting should be accessible to all creators,” Francesco Baschieri, Spreaker’s CEO and co-founder, said in a news release from iHeartMedia, which acquired the platform in 2020. “That’s why we’ve decided to offer professional podcasting features such as monetization and unlimited storage at no cost, empowering podcasters of all sizes to reach their full potential.”

Spreaker, which gives all content creators the tools to launch, grow and monetize their podcasts, also said its approach to ad quality technology has expanded monetization access across the board — and without compromising key factors like quality or scalability.

“This momentous announcement has instantly catapulted Spreaker to the top of the list as the most advanced, professional podcast platform available on the market for free, safe, and scalable podcast monetization,” the release said.

Creators can SIGN UP HERE.

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