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Spirits Brand Martell Expands Its Use of Podcast Marketing.

The spirit company Martell Blue Swift is expanding its podcast outreach. The brand announced on stage at the Podcast Movement conference that it will be expanding on its recent work with Acast with a partnership that includes guest appearances on its podcasts by singer and actress Janelle Monáe, who is an ambassador for the brand. Martell earlier worked with the Guys Next Door podcast during Black History Month.

“Martell looks to give creators of color opportunities through everything we do, either in front of the camera (and microphone) or behind the scenes.,” said Daniel Belair, Creative Content Director for Martell Cognac. “Through the success of our recent campaign on the Guys Next Door podcast, we understood that we had an equal partner in that initiative in Acast Creative and are now expanding our great work together.”

Monáe is already confirmed to appear as a guest on podcasts including The Table is Ours, TransLash and Naked Beauty.

“Through this initial campaign with Martell and Guys Next Door, we set the groundwork for many more important conversations that Acast Creative invites brands to be a part of,” said Shantae Howell, Director of Acast Creative. “Continuing this work with Martell by having Janelle Monáe share different sides of herself, her story, her passion across Acast’s podcasts speaks volumes to the success we’ve already achieved and to all that’s still to come.”

The extended scope of work between Martell and Acast Creative is part of the brand’s “Soar Beyond Expected” campaign, which sheds light on what it means to feel joy and marks the brand’s commitment to driving positive change.

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