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‘Slumber Party’ Joins iHeart Lineup Of LGBTQ-Focused Podcasts.

Efforts by iHeartMedia to diversify its podcast lineup has so far led to the launch of the Black Effect Podcast Network and an alliance with Seneca Women Podcast Network. It is also working on a new Hispanic-focused network. There is also a growing number of LGBTQ-focused content with another show joining the lineup this week.

Slumber Party, the comedy podcast hosted by stand-up comedian, musical theatre performer and YouTuber Tim Murray has joined the iHeartPodcast Network. Previously self-published, the D'Marie Productions podcast will become part of the iHeartRadio Broadway platform based at the company’s New York station group.

Murray said the attraction to the network was the “expanded” audience being part of iHeartRadio will bring. "I am beyond thrilled to bring Slumber Party to the iHeartPodcast Network," said Murray on the announcement. "Interviewing a variety of Broadway performers and comedians about their experiences growing up has made the little theatre kid inside me truly joyous.”

Each week on Slumber Party, Murray speaks with a mix of Broadway performers, drag queens and LGBTQ+ comics for games, gossip and their chance to share embarrassing stories of their childhood sleepovers.

Murray starred in “50 Shades the Musical Off-Broadway,” “Voldemort and the Teenage Hogwarts Musical Parody” in London and has done several hour stand-up tours all over the United States and United Kingdom. More than 1.1 million people have also viewed his videos on YouTube which include video versions of his podcast.

“I am excited to have Tim Murray join the iHeartRadio Broadway platform with his new podcast,” said Sarah Jane Arnegger, Director for iHeartRadio Broadway. “I have been a fan of Tim’s podcast and social media footprint for a while now and to have him join the iHeartPodcast Network is a wonderful addition to our ever-evolving content strategy. His brand of humor and unbridled theatre passion is something I hope our listeners will enjoy, especially in 2021.”

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