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Sightseeing And Espionage: New Series Uncovers CIA Spy Tale Of Travel Guru Eugene Fodor.

Fodor’s, the company known for its travel guides since 1949, is offering a bit of espionage in its new podcast produced in a partnership with iHeartPodcasts. They are working with producer Lars Jacobson to create Fodor’s Guide to Espionage. Based on the true story of Eugene Fodor, the podcast will explore the travel writer who secretly used his profession as a cover to spy for the CIA during the 1960s. “It is a globetrotting, jet-setting spy series centered around the biggest events of the Cold War that will take listeners on an exotic vacation and high stakes spy mission every week,” its creators say.

Actors Ethan Corn (“Criminal Minds,” “The Resident”), Lelia Symington (“Brut Force,” “The Marksman”), and Jacqueline Emerson (“The Hunger Games,” “FBI”) will take listeners through thrilling history, fine dining and navigating the world through travel, according to press materials. 

Fodor's Guide to Espionage' marks the first podcast out of Teleforce’s first-look deal with iHeart. 

Fodor’s Guide to Espionage will be Lars’ third collaboration with iHeartPodcasts and the first podcast under his company, Teleforce Productions’ first-look deal. Several years ago, Jacobson started creating and producing podcasts for iHeartMedia. His first produced iHeartPodcast, Fight Night, is currently being adapted for television at Peacock with Lars executive producing alongside Will Packer and Hartbeat, and starring Kevin Hart, Samuel L. Jackson, Don Cheadle, Terrance Howard, and Taraji P. Henson. 

The second podcast Lars created and produced, Wheel Woman, is currently set up at a major studio for television adaptation. 

Fodor’s Guide to Espionage will also be a reunion for Jacobson, who will be producing alongside Sabrina Jaglom. The two previously collaborated on Wheel Woman. Also producing the new series is iHeart’s Noel Brown.

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